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Lean DBA

Take a moment to consider the following questions: 

  • Do you really know how much time is wasted on ‘waiting’ in your organisation?
  • Do you know how much this costs every year?
  • Are you aware of what your employees could have achieved in the meantime?
  • How many potential customers have you already lost because they had to wait too long for your website to react? 

With our unique concept we can help you to raise the levels of efficiency within your organisation.  We improve on the time saved by your end-users. At the end of the day, the organisation pays for the time lost waiting for the database. More often than not, our customers are amazed at the potential profit that can be make in their environment after they see the results. It can sometimes be hours each and every day. It is often possible to save time without a lot of effort and with the minimum of investment. The gains that can be make are normally found within four areas:

  1. Lowering the amount of time taken for standard and repetitive tasks. The time saved can be used to concentrate on the core business operations, …although waiting for a database is perhaps not relevant here.
  2. The risk that your ultimate customer or your partner surfs away from your website or portal would be reduced if they didn’t have to wait too long to find the information they want.
  3. Licensing costs often weigh heavily on the IT department budget. In many cases these costs are linked to the number of machine processors. By way of the results we can prove that it is possible to achieve sizeable gains in this area.
  4. The functionality of your environment becomes more scalable for future growth thanks to increased levels of efficiency.  Moreover, the renewal of your IT infrastructure may result in the need for fewer heavy duty machines.

Our LEAN DBA only works where demonstrable results can be proven. There is no advantage in building castles in the sky. Our services are all based on the principle of “NO CURE NO PAY”. If your LEAN DBA are not achieved – you pay nothing.  For the rest, you only pay in proportion to the time savings that have actually been achieved. We have the courage of our convictions.

Would you like to know more about LEAN DBA? Without any obligations whatsoever, we would like to provide you with further retails and also make specific recommendations.