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Staffing of IT profiles


Procarus has an extensive network of IT specialists who can be deployed over a wide range of different assignments. We always strive to find the best match between our employees and what you need. This goes further than simply matching up the technical skills.  The personality and attitude of the candidate must also suit you the customer.


Because of our thorough candidate pre-selection process, we always try to gain extra time at the start of the recruitment process. This helps us prevent either the customer, the employee or ourselves from wasting precious time later on in the selection process.  

The customer must be able to trust that the profiles we submit to them are really worth considering in greater depth.  We want to send you our selection of candidates for interviewing without ending up with mud on our faces.


Procarus offers candidate profiles covering the most diverse areas of the IT spectrum. Each time a request comes in we carefully examine whether we have a suitable candidate.  There are two main areas where we traditionally remain strong:  Business Intelligence and Database Administration.


Our analysts and software developers have gradually built up their expertise while working on a range of different projects: including small and large, complex and straightforward, long and short… They can step into a new team at short notice and become operational almost immediately while always bearing in mind deliverables and deadlines.  
We can also boast a number of specialists in our team who are experts in optimising existing ETL processes and also reporting.  We know from experience that delivering functionalities is usually not difficult, but making them efficient is a completely different story. 


We have a large team of database administrators at Procarus. Normally we can answer most questions concerning Oracle, SQL-Server or Sybase. By deploying our group of experts on a dynamic and flexible basis means that we can meet a wide range of needs based on the specific type of problem:With issues regarding architecture, daily administration, data modelling, database and SQL code optimisation, etc, we always send the most appropriate people, who naturally have all the necessary references.


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